Data from the P5 server or one of it clients can be backed up by means of a backup plan. To backup data configure one or more directories in a backup plan. The target where to save the data to is a volume pool, which needs to be created before starting backing up your files into the LTO tape drive. You can achieve this by following this topic.

A backup run can save either entire directory structures, or only data (files) that have been changed since the last backup. Each backup plan is executed according to the defined schedule.
A backup plan can backup several clients. Backing up each client is considered as one task of the backup plan.
The client’s directories to back up are defined in the task.

Here is a description of the easiest and quickest way to configure a backup plan, it explains the basics of backing up with Archiware software using the ‘Getting Started’ tool.
However it’s generally recommended to use the ‘Backup Plan’ tool as it offers far more possibilities compared to ‘Getting Started’ one.
Note that after creating a backup plan with the procedure below, you will still be able to modify it through the ‘Backup Plan’ tool, which will enable you to define precisely your backup plan according to your needs.

Creating a Backup Plan

1. Source

1) You can access the Archiware portal by clicking on the ‘Archiware’ icon in the DDP web GUI.

2) After log into the Archiware interface, select ‘Backup’ from the top menu and select Backup Plan.

3) Click on the ‘Getting Started’ button from the left menu.

4) Click on the ‘Start Setup Assistant’ button from the bottom menu.

5) Click on the ‘Select Data’ button and open the ‘Volumes’ folder that is displayed under the root:

Before a DDP volume can be used by Archiware software, you must go to the ‘DDP Volumes’ page of the DDP web GUI and make sure the ‘Archiware’ checkbox is checked next to the volume you need to backup:

After you do that manipulation all volumes which have their ‘Archiware’ checkbox checked will be visible and usable by Archiware software.

You can select a whole volume or open it and select a specific folder if you don’t need to backup all the data contained in the DDP volume. Once you selected the data you needed to backup just click on ‘Select’ button and click on ‘Step 2′ in order to move to the next step.

2. Target

1) Click on the ‘Select Disk or Tape Drive’ button.

2) Click on the ‘Single Tape Drive’ button.

3) Select the name of the tape you want to use as a target for the backup plan. Click on the ‘Select’ button and click on ‘Step 3′ in order to move to the final step.

3. Time

1) Click on ‘Select time’ button.

2) Specify ‘Start Time’.

3) Click ‘Select’ button.

4) Click ‘Complete’ button.

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