The procedure to update your DDP Archiware software version is the following:

- Download the latest Linux software from Archiware website:

- Open the OSX terminal and if we assume that the downloaded file in your “Downloads” folder and the DDP IP address is, execute the commands bellow (adapt the commands if needed).

- The two following commands will ask you a password, please enter aap

$ scp Downloads/awpst517.tgz root@
$ ssh root@

- This will log you in the DDP, then execute these commands:

$ cd /tmp/avfs-dbase/aw

- This command below will stop Archiware:

$ ./stop-server

- This command will update Archiware software:

$ tar xpzf awpst517.tgz

- These two last commands will restart Archiware and clean the Archiware folder:

$ ./start-server

$ rm -fr awpst517.tgz

After that you shouldn’t need any reboot, Archiware will show up with the latest version.