In order to uninstall the avfs and iscsi drivers on OSX, you must first download the uninstaller available on our reseller page under the “OSX DDP drivers and utilities” section.

Once the installer is downloaded, you need to open the OSX terminal and go to the folder where the installer is.
If the uninstaller is in the Download folder for example, enter the following:

$ cd Downloads

Then you need to enable the uninstaller to be run by entering the following:
$ chmod +x osx_uninstaller

Finally you need to run the uninstaller as a super user by entering the command below:
$ sudo osx_uninstaller

The script then starts, for each question you can enter ‘y’ key to approve, or ‘n’ (or any other character) in order to disapprove and simply move to the next step.

At first you will be asked if you want to uninstall iscsi pref, then the uninstaller will ask you what to do with iscsi pref data that contains all the info used inside the application including the license key.
So you can keep the data just in case you need to reinstall iscsi pref in the future, that way you won’t have to ask for a license key and fill again all the iscsi pref fields.

Finally you’ll have to confirm whether you want to uninstall AVFS from your Mac or not, which would remove the kernel extension enabling OSX to read and write on AVFS formatted volumes.