When a problem happens on an Areca raid card, an alarm might be triggered depending on the issue criticality level.
For a drive timeout/read error or an over temperature issue, only a visual notification will be displayed in the DDP web GUI “Event notification” tab.

However when a drive fails or crashes, on top a visual notification, a alarm sound will keep being emitted from the raid card until someone manually shut it off. Please note that rebooting the DDP won’t have any effect as the alarm will start beeping once the DDP finishes to boot up.

By clicking on the “Raidcards” icon from the DDP GUI and clicking on all raid cards button (a DDP can contain one or more raid cards), you can open the Areca interfaces which will let you check which card is having a problem and mute its beeper.

You can do that by clicking on the “View Events/Mute beeper” entry of the “System Controls” menu. This will instantly turn the alarm off and show you the raid card logs.
As you can see in the screenshot below, all volume sets are displayed as “normal”, so it’s unlikely that this is raid card that is emitting an alarm sound:

Typically, when you check the other raid cards of your DDP, you will see at some point that one card contains a “degraded” volume set. Also when you open the “View Events/Mute beeper” page, the alarm will stop and you’ll see in the logs that a drive has failed or that the card reached a temperature limit and is over heating.

If case of an overheating issue, the alarm might automatically turn off. You should however takes the situations seriously as even if the temperature value goes down at some point, it might exceed again the tolerated value again. Such cases should not be ignored as an overheating raid card might lead to partial/complete data loss in the worst case scenario.

If the logs simply show a drive failure, please follow the next topic instructions.

If the logs show an overtemp or fan problem, follow this topic instructions.