How to perform a volume check on the DDP?

From the DDP web GUI, you can manually initiate the volume check process, or schedule an automatic volume check that would be run on a regular basis.

To do so, go to the “raid check” of the DDP GUI as shown below:

The following screen appears, letting you either directly start/stop a manual volume check, either modify the volume check schedule settings:

By default, automatic volume check is disabled which will show you a warning message each time you are logging into the DDP web GUI.

In order to enable it, just select an interval between “Monthly”, “Weekly” and “Daily”, click on the “Enabled” checkbox and “Apply” button.
As we usually recommend the DDP users to run volume check at least once every 2-3 months, you can just select the “Monthly” value.

You can also specify the “Start Time” you want the volume check to occur.
You can click on the “Stop Time” check box and specify the time you want the volume check to stop if the process cannot complete on time. This option might be useful if you don’t want the DDP performance to be impacted by the checking procedure, but will abort it completely, which means that you will have to reschedule a volume check later on.

When starting over a volume check that has been previously aborted, the checking procedure has to recheck all the disks sectors including the ones that have been already checked before. Therefore one must be aware that for a volume check to complete, it must be run all at once before interruption.