The user portal can be accessed using the following URL:

The solution page is public and hence available to any user without login required. Anyone can browse and search the existing solutions, which are currently no more than a compilation of the knowledge base topics you used to check so far.

Each reseller will soon be sent an email about its login details.
There will be maximum 1 account per reseller, which will be common for the company employees.

Once logged in with your account, you will gain access to the reseller ticket and incident reporting system.
As shown below, you will have different buttons for accessing our solutions, a summary of your current tickets and shortcut for creating a new report:

When clicking the solutions tab, a list of the existing solutions will appear within the same categories of the knowledge base you used to consult, with a new "FAQ" section where we will keep adding the most typically asked questions about to the DDP with their answers.

The search field will let you search in real time through all the existing solutions and list you the most appropriate articles with their categories:

When you do not find an appropriate answer to your problem, you can report it by clicking the "New Ticket" button, which will show you the form below:

You will be asked to enter a few fields so that our team can get the relevant details about the customer DDP and the incident you want to report.

The Requester field will be automatically filled out with your account email address.

When entering the Subject of your ticket, please briefly describe the matter or reason of your enquiry. Although the subject must be short, please avoid subjects such as "Need help" or "Problem".

In the Description, please accurately describe the problem and give as much details as you can about it.
You can click the "attach file" button at the bottom and provide any additional information to our team.

It is highly recommend to attach the following files to each ticket:

1. The DDP system logs which be obtained from the web GUI “utility” page by clicking the “Download system logs” button.

2.  The full RAID cards logs
You can download the DDP raid cards logs in the web GUI “Event log” page or by accessing the RAID cards interface.

The Customer nameDDP expiry date and DDP serial number fields are self explaining, whereas the Dongle ID and DDP version can be found in the DDP GUI info page.

Finally, we need you to select the Date/time issue occurred.

You will notice while entering the subject of your ticket that suggestions will automatically appear when a solution already exists in the knowledge base:

Once you click the Submit button, an email will be sent to our team which will reply to you within the business hours (Monday to Friday 10AM-6:30PM).

You will automatically receive an notification email when one of our engineers replies to you.