- Is there any license serial needed when adding a new machine which will connect to the DDP?

For OSX, please ask for a registration key by providing your Mac en0 interface mac address.

When immediate access is required, a demo key can be generated by following these steps.

For Windows, no license is required, as the DDP relies on Microsoft iSCSI initiator software which is generally preinstalled.

For Linux users don’t need any license either, as an open implementation of iSCSI initiator is available and also preinstalled in many Linux distributions.

- On OSX, as the license is generated from the en0 interface mac address, does it mean that I can only use the corresponding port on my Mac to connect it to the DDP?

No, once you entered the license you are free to use any port you like to connect to the DDP. Hence, when connecting a second cable from the same machine to the DDP to increase the bandwidth, you don't need any additional license.

- Is there any licence fee when adding a new machine which will connect to the DDP?

There is no kind of extra fee to pay when connecting more clients to the DDP.

- In OSX, can spotlight be used for searching data in a DDP volume?

The DDP does not officially support spotlight and deactivates search on DDP volumes on purpose.

As an alternative, you can use a third-party software application which does not make any indexing, like Easyfind from Devon Technology or Axle video.

- Can the DDP be accessed over SSH?

Yes, using the root user (password: aap).

From OSX and Linux terminal, the following command can be entered: (replace by your DDP IP address)

ssh root@

From Windows you can download programs like putty or teraterm.

- Can the DDP be accessed by SCP and FTP?

You cannot use FTP, but you can transfer files with SCP with the same credentials as SSH.

- How to force-shutdown the DDP?

When pressing once shortly on the power button at the front of the DDP doesn't power it off within 5 minutes, you might want to force-shutdown it.

This can be achieved by holding the power button until the DDP eventually shutdown.

- What to do when a sound alarm comes from the DDP?

The first thing to do is to check the Areca RAID card logs in order to check the situation and shut off the alam, the way to do is explained here.

- What software application can I use for giving remote access?

Please fill out our remote support form and you will receive a link with the application we use for remote support.

- What to do when I cannot access the DDP anymore?

There are two situations to distinguish:

If you can still access the DDP volumes but not the web GUI, check this solution.

If you can still access the web GUI but not the DDP volumes, check this solution.

If both the web GUI and the DDP volumes are unaccessible, reboot the DDP and submit a ticket to our team.