V3 release note V3.00.030 of 31-08-2016

The update installers can only be used to update V3 installations.
This software does contain the quota feature which is now believed to be stable.


 Fixed a bug which could occur in case of failed rename

• Fix of a minor issue where the ctime of folders would not be preserved on copy

A fix for the web GUI which could get slow in certain cases

A fix for interrupted connections problem

•Eth port conflicts handled better

•User batch import file changes

•No connect wires window when >50 desktops or drives

•Table view selection fix

•Eth port conflicts handled better

•User batch import file changes

•No connect wires window when >50 desktops or drives

•Table view selection fix

•User space cache sync fix (hfs 1.40)

•Service Connection: Ardis new IP address has been updated in order to let users make service connection with the usual connect-to-internet command.

•Nagios: Event collection disabled for avoiding swap to fill up until no free space is available

•SMB: Serious reliability improvements have been made by handling DDP volumes or folder volumes via SMB protocol.

•Quota control: All known bugs fixed and stability improved

•Option to run a site-specific script like flow control that stays in place after reboot.

•The verify/repair built utility has been improved, the disk warrior application is no longer needed.

•IO Monitoring and other parameters are now stored against a time line and can be downloaded from the DDP and emailed together with the syslog files. Up to 1 year.

•Tableview now uses a scrollbar instead of pages.

•Tableview now has incremental search in the Volume Selection window to speed up volume/foldervolume selection.

•Drive Goups can now be renamed via command line.

•DDP Volumes and Foldervolumes can now be sorted on capacity, free capacity and Drive Group.

•When there is an issue in the DDP the event notification starts blinking. When the emails are properly set an Email is sent in addition.

Known bug:

Write only on Mac does not function properly with a share.

Important notes:

1. When Mac Pros from around 2006 with Product Identifier MacPro1.1 are used the onboard ethernet network port maybe faulty. This would result in DDP drives randomly disappearing from the screen. Workaround: to install a separate ethernet card from Exsys (www.exsys.ch) or from Small Tree.
2. On Macs with Pro Tools 8.1.1. onwards (also) the performance is much much better if these desktops are used in Avid mode (see the DesktopInstallation manual)
3. If you change the ethernet frame size in Network with Mountain Lion (different versions) to jumbo frames please check after reboot if the value is still set. In Terminal type ifconfig and then enx, where x is the port number. The check is relevant for both on board 1GbE nics or installed 1 or 10 GbE cards. If you notice a problem please select then speed: autoselect and check again.
5. When working with Avid video edit applications in AvidFs mode it maybe that opening of bins is notably faster when the firewall is switched off entirely on the desktop.
6. The Windows 7 AVFS driver does not support Windows 8 preview mode. If you intend to use that please contact Ardis Technologies.
7. With V3.00.016 version a good stable version is released.

The old V2 DDP software uses a X11/Qt Gui.
V3 DDP software versions uses a Web Gui supported by the following web browsers and their version numbers:
Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 11+, Chrome 19+, Safari 6+ and Opera 12.10+.

DDP software can be checked by selecting the Info button in the home page of the web gui. Version V3.00.017b6 has the following components:

DDP Version: build Jan 16 2015
AVFS version: 3.1.2
FS version: v1. 33
iSCSI version: 2.1.22
Webserver version: 1.3.0

V3 AVFS is not supported on PowerPC Mac G5.
V3 support is from 10.5.x onwards with versions 1.2.15/2.4.6
V3 support is for all Window versions, XP onwards with version 2.4.4e
V3 support for Linux is available for: RedHat 5.3 an onwards and Suse11. Others maybe available on request.
All V3 desktop drivers are compatible with V2 and V3 DDP software.

Updating windows Desktop Installation with win2015 or older.

Read the DDPV3WindowsQuickStartStop how to deinstall this AVFS driver version. After the AVFS driver has been deinstalled 2.4.4e or later can be installed.

Updating windows desktop installation with win2016-autlogin version or onwards.

Please run 2.4.4e or later.

Updating Mac OSX AVFS driver.

The latest V3 avfs driver for 10.5.x onwards: 2.4.6. The current installed avfs driver can be updated with this version. Mavericks only works with this version and onwards.

Updating Mac OSX iSCSI driver.

The current V3 iSCSI driver for 10.5.x onwards: 1.2.16. The current installed iscsi drives can be updated with this version. Mavericks only works with 1.2.15 and onwards.

Updating RedHat version 5.3 with or without Autodesk and other Linux versions.

The current RedHat installer is avfs-linux-installer-V3.01a.tgz. For Suse11: avfsSuse11-3.01-3.0.13_27_default.x86_64.rpm. The installer can be run on top of the existing driver. It is assumed that the iSCSI initiator is already installed in your Linux distribution. To see which kernel versions are installed you can uncompress this file. The higher the letter the more kernel version/linux distributions are supported. When the installer is not compatible with your Linux distribution contact Ardis Technologies.


iSCSI Target:

2.1.07: Fix iscsi connection disconnect lockup
Fix race condition unaligned write lockup
2.1.09: Fix target crash
2.1.10: Stability fix

FS version:

1.30b: release
1.32c Fix truncate fs driver

DDP ID (when it appears)
Is the dongle ID. The dongle when this ID appears in the status screen contains all licenses independent of hardware.

Windows AVFS driver:


Mac iSCSI initiator/iSCSIprefs

1.2.15: release
1.2.16: build in a small delay to fix a rare autoconnect problem after desktop restart.

Mac AVFS driver

2.4.6: release

AVFS server

3.0.7: Fix for foldervolume problem after DDP volume resize.
Fix for a crash which happened on a very rare race condition.
3.1.0 Allows 256 connections per DDP Volume (was 64)
3.1.1 Fix a problem of not autoconnecting during reboot
3.1.2 AVFS server time out increased to cope better with system overloads


1.2.0: DDP software can now be update via Installer icon in the Web Gui
A hard RO automount is now possible. This can be used for DDPs hooked in an Avid storage environment
Switching off of the maintenance mode with AVFS on is now only possible for a checked volume.


Volumes now switch to maintenance mode when unclean unmounted during DDP startup.
A verify need to be done then to get these back to AVFS sharing mode.
Automatic switching to maintenance mode when the volume is unclean unmounted at boot.
Verify/repair can handle almost all disk repair situation.
In a very rare situation that the catalog needs to be regenerated Ardis Technologies now have their own tools.