AvidFS (or Avid storage emulation) is required for all Avid applications in order to enable support for features such as Avid bin locking.

With AvidFS emulation enabled, the same Avid project can be simultaneously accessed from any of the client machines connected to the DDP volume. As Avid Protools is notably optimised for AvidFS drives, it’s strongly recommended to enable AvidFS emulation for Protools users.

To enable AvidFS on OSX, you just need to open the terminal and enter the following command:
sudo touch /etc/avfs-altfsname

Please note that you need to reboot the client machine after enabling the AvidFS emulation.

After you enable AvidFS on a machine, you might want to make sure that the DDP volumes are recognised as AvidFS storage instead of avfs. The way to check it out is explained in the next topic.