DDP V4 Update - Release Notes

Archiware support: currently DDP supports Archiware P5 up to 5.4.4.

Older releases of V4 before V4.00.019b were both 32bit and 64bit compatible. Releases after that are only 64bit compatible. All Mac clients should be using AVFS version 2.5.1 or later for compatibility with DDP V4.


- Added symlink conversion support for V4 to V5 Upgrades. Before updating to V5, customers utilizing symlinks on their V4 DDP, should update to V4.01.019 and mount the ‘ddpvolume’ on a client computer in order to convert symlinks in the DDP’s database.


- Fix for rare race condition when node update fails on OSX 

- Support for incoming filename normalisation. To set use commands (at

DDP console/ssh login):

'set-normalise-decompose' to normalize to decomposed filenames

(preferred setting)

'set-normalize-compose' to normalise to composed strings (use when

application can not handle decomposed filenames)

'set-normalise-default' to use default server setting, which currently

is not to normalise filenames. This is setting used up to V4.01.016.


- Fix for cache invalidate (on demand cache mode) causing corrupt audio Pro Tools export


- Disabled re-attach after desktop network connection loss


- Better handling of crashed or disconnected desktop in case high volume of meta data is send

- Disabled DDP node cleanup process at 700k nodes, client drivers limit node count to 30k now.

V4.01.012: AVFS version 4.4.12 build August 8, 2018

- Prevent caching audio files during Pro Tools video import and similar

- Set capacity root always on bitmap instead of last database value to make quota recalculate more reliable

- Removed warning prints lost client connection that can fill up log space

- Limit number files to be released in one pass from LRU on demand cache

- Limit LRU on demand cache process resource usage

V4.01.009: AVFS version 4.4.8 build July 16, 2018

- After `DDP  reboot or start DDP does not accept connection requests until all folder volumes are checked and ready

V4.01.008: AVFS version 4.4.7 build Jun 25, 2018

- Added support for 64bit file stamps. This fixes the ‘Session Changed’ message sometimes experienced with Pro Tools when saving a session file.

V4.01.007: AVFS version 4.4.5 build Jun 20, 2018

- Update for the DDP Desktops Settings, where the ‘No Cache’ flag is now also applied on Writes

V4.01.006: AVFS version 4.4.5 build Jun 12, 2018

- Fixed a race condition when using SSD On Demand caching

V4.01.005: AVFS version 4.4.4 build May 29, 2018

- Fix for double directory entries when a client does multiple directory reads at the same time

V4.01.004: AVFS version 4.4.3 build May 24, 2018

- Fixed a locking problem with SSD caching

V4.01.003: AVFS version 4.4.2 build May 18, 2018

- Fixed a crash when ‘Quota Recalculate’ is pressed after a Folder Volume is deleted

- No node release request when cache is not active on a Folder Volume (workaround for Pro Tools Save ’Session Changed’ message)

- Debug to prevent possible wrong capacity updates for a Folder Volume

V4.01.002: AVFS version 4.4.1 build Apr 25, 2018

- Fixed condition that could lead to a crash when the DDP’s database increases in size

- Fix for a SSD caching issue

V4.01.000: AVFS version 4.4.0 build Apr 4, 2018

- NEW On Demand Write Cache feature with Dual Path Technology

- Mac clients should be updated to Mac AVFS 2.5.1-rc1 with iSCSI Pref 1.2.19-rc4

V4.00.020b: AVFS version 4.3.12 build Nov 17, 2017

- LDAP authentication now uses ‘sAMAccountName’ instead of ‘DistinguishedName’


- Mac Clients’ .Trashes folders made visible at /Archiware/ddpvolume (and subfolders)

- Fixed rare occasion where directory entries listed multiple times

- Delay in accept network error after failure to prevent full log file

- Dump core on deadlock for debug after restart

- Changed Linux restart after kernel panic from ‘Immediate’ to ‘1 hour’


- Folder Volume page redraw blocked when ddpvolume capacity changes

- Data Locations with less than 5% free space are skipped in 'balanced' setting until all Data Locations have less than 5% free space

- Fixed Memory leak during allocation check during first connection (first mount) of ddpvolume

- Zero blocks mapped in to non-populated parts of a V4 device

- Fixed free bits counter in allocation map regeneration