As explained in a previous solution, the DDP volumes might need to be verified/repaired as a precaution after a system crash.

In rare cases, the DDP embedded tools might not be able to fix the DDP volumes errors.

When this is the case, a software application called "Disk Warrior" and available on Mac can be used to rebuild the volumes catalog.

Note that this application should be used only with DDP V3 and backwards.

For V4 DDPs, please do not use this application and contact our support team.

Another important caution before running Disk Warrior on the DDP volumes is to disable the AVFS mode.

The volume filesystem might get further damaged if this step is overlooked, so please make sure you disable the AVFS mode by following the instructions below.

Go to the DDP web GUI and make sure that all connections to the DDP volume are removed

- Go back to the GUI homepage and and click the "Verify/Repair" icon

- Then in order to disable the AVFS mode:

1. Uncheck all the "Visible", "Archiware" and "SMB Export" boxes

2. Click the "Maintenance On" button

3. Click the "AVFS Off" button

4. Click the "Maintenance Off" button

You can now check the "Visible" box and connect the volume to the Mac that will run Disk Warrior.

Note that with recent versions of Disk Warrior, the volume filesystem might change from XFS+ to XFSX, preventing the maintenance mode to be turned off.

When that is the case, please make service connection and our support team will change back the filesystem to XFS+.