While important changes have been in the AVFS filesystem and a few features like SSD caching and load balancing have been added, the V4 web GUI contains very few changes and can be controlled the same way as in V3.

Basically all the rules that applied for V3 DDPs also applies for V4 DDPs.

However it is important to note the following differences:

- V4 DDP OS is stored on DOMs (Disk On Module)

With V3, the OS was hold on the same RAID arrays as the data.

With V4, the OS is kept separate from the data and is preinstalled on 2 DOMs that need to plugged on the DDP motherboard.

- V4 DDPs can only have one master volume

If you need to create multiple volumes, simply create folders in the master volume and make them FolderVolumes from the web GUI.

-  V4 DDP volumes can only be mounted with AVFS on the clients

Until V3, it was possible to disable AVFS and mount DDP volumes with HFS+ in order to run third party applications like Disk Warrior for rebuilding the volume catalog. As V4 does not rely on HFS+ anymore, it is not necessary to use third party applications and the DDP embedded verify/repair tools can be used for that purpose.

- Hardlinks are not supported in V4