1. The DDP logs which be obtained from the web GUI “Utility” page by clicking the “Download system logs” button.

If the GUI cannot be accessed, you can login to the DDP by ssh and download them manually:

On OSX and Linux, launch the Terminal application. (Located at /Applications/Utility/Terminal.app on OSX)

Enter the following commands to login to the DDP by ssh and compress the log files, enter ‘aap’ for the password when asked. (your DDP IP address may be different from the example below):

$ ssh root@

$ cd /var/log/

$ tar czf systemlogs.tgz syslog*

Using the following command, exit the DDP and copy the system logs archive to your desktop:

$ exit

$ scp root@* ~/Desktop

In a Windows environment, you will need to download a terminal emulator like putty to execute the first commands and a scp client like winscp in order to download the logs.

When using a redundant DDP, it is important to get the logs from both DDP heads.

When one head is the master, you won’t be able to access the slave head web GUI. This is why you will need to get the slave head logs manually.

Please also keep in mind that the system logs keep trace of events up to 7 days old.