In certain rare situations, our team may ask you to update your DDP chassis backplane firmware.
The first thing to check is the version you are currently using.

How to find out the chassis backplane firmware and MFG version?

You can access your DDP backplane by plugging a RS232 cable to its chassis, then you will be able to find out the firmware and MFG version through a terminal emulator like the HyperTerminal program. Open HyperTerminal, setup the Com port assigned by your Computer and set the settings as following: 38400, none, 8, 1, none.

Once you get the prompt, please enter “rev” to get the current firmware version and “showmfg” for the mfg version. You can send the output of these commands to our team so that we can make sure what is the appropriate version you should use.

We will then send you the corresponding instructions and firmware.